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Part of the appeal of owning a pug is their adorable and expressive faces. The cute wrinkles can trap dirt and bacteria and can become infected if you don’t keep them clean.

To clean your pug’s wrinkles every day:

  1. Establish a habit – At first your pugs won’t like you to clean their faces, but make it part of your daily routine. For example, you could clean their faces every night before bedtime.
  2. Use soft, thin material – Your pugs will not be comfortable if you use a thick, scratchy cloth to clean their faces. Instead, use a disposable wipe for sensitive skin, or a clean, soft, thin cloth such as microfiber or linen.
  3. Get the right temperature – Make sure that your cleaning cloth is not too hot or too cold for sensitive pug skin. Room temperature or slightly warm is great.
  4. Develop a swipe – Depending on the shape of your pug’s wrinkles, develop a swipe that gets the dirt out without pulling or pinching them. Pugs rarely cry, even when you hurt their little faces. So be aware and clean their wrinkles quickly and gently.
  5. Reward, reward, reward – It’s the mantra of the pug. They’re stubborn little beasts that will hide and avoid doing things they don’t like. But they will do ANYTHING for a treat. They will tolerate your face cleanings every day if they know they will get a treat afterwards.