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Snuggly Pugs

SnugglyPugsWelcome to Snuggly Pugs, the home of Toby and Zanna. Both dogs are show-dog quality, but they are just well-loved pets that want to play and snooze.

Toby was born on Aug 9, 2011. Zanna was born on Sept 28, 2012. Toby’s parents are champion show dogs WooWoo It’s a Derby Shuga Daddy (sire), and Woowoo Unpredictable Fei Long (dam called Ruby). Toby’s registered name is Feilong’s Loyalty Beyond a Doubt, but we call him Toby. Zanna’s registered name is Woowoo Suzanne Sugarbaker and her dam is also Ruby. Zanna’s sire is CH Bayleaf’s That Man of Mine (called Mannie).

Toby weighed 6 pounds when we brought him home . He is now a gorgeous, fully-developed 20 pounds. Zanna came to our home on Feb 16, 2014 and was a fully-grown 16 pounds.

Caring for Your Pug

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Snuggly Pugs