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Pugs are a unique breed of dogs. Because they were bred thousands of years ago for the sole purpose of being a companion dog, pugs are compact, even-tempered, outgoing, loving, and laid-back. They are indoor dogs that don’t tolerate heat or cold well. If you own, or are thinking about owning a pug, you should read more about the breed. For more information about the pug breed, see the AKC website and Animal Planet. If you, like most pug lovers, think that pugs are nearly perfect, you should read the Don’t Get a Pug article from Pug Village.

If you own a pug, there is a lot of information that you need about caring for your pug.

How My Snuggly Pug Reacted to Cytopoint

If you are considering using Cytopoint (lokivetmab) for your pug or other dog, read about my¬†experience. Summary: My 5-year old pug began trembling within 24 hours of her Cytopoint injection. She was also lethargic and didn’t eat. Her eye mucous increased... read more

Schedule Your Grooming

It’s important to groom your dog. If you have a pug, there could be special grooming needs. The following is¬†the Snugglly Pugs grooming schedule: Daily – Every night before bed I use a Neutrogena sensitive skin face wipe to wipe the puggy face folds.... read more